Are you wondering what's in store for the 2017 hickory season? Looking back at 2016 as being an 'off' year, we expect 2017 to an average or above average year.  

Learn more about common diseases and pests of hickory in Wisconsin.   Click here.

Hickory trees have a long and colorful history in Wisconsin.  The people who have established the Wisconsin Hickory Association founded this state-wide association to promote knowledge and use of this indigenous tree.

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​​​Did you know? Hickory is a versatile tree and was used extensively by Native Americans in the region.  In addition to using the nuts for food and wood for heating and cooking, Native Americans made bows from the saplings and used the inner hickory bark to line birch-bark canoes and to finish baskets.



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Hickory in children's literature

The image to the left comes from a 1914 children's book authored by Elizabeth Gordon and illustrated by M. T. Roth.  The illustrator was an early co-worker of Walt Disney.  The book, ​Mother Earth's Children:  The Frolics of the Fruits & Vegetables​, provided pictures and verses for a variety of fruits and vegetables (and nuts).  This picture  is another testament to the enduring power of hickory in our national imagination.

How can you share in building Wisconsin’s Hickory legacy and industry?
     There are a number of ways to participate in preserving the long Hickory tradition and restoring Hickory as a thriving industry in Wisconsin (and beyond):

  • Share Hickory stories, pictures and experiences with WHA, children and friends
  • Attend WHA and other Hickory-related events and organizations
  • Join the Wisconsin Hickory Association (annual individual membership -- $25; family membership -- $45)
  • Advertise Hickory-related products and services on the WHA website
  • Provide space or land for use in developing the Hickory industry
  • Create a Legacy lasting several lifetimes by planting Hickory
  • Donate to the WHA (donations are tax-deductible). 

To support WHA in any of these ways (or others you can think of) contact WHA at:

  • Wisconsin Hickory Association, Box 261, Brandon, WI  53919

Do you love cooking with hickory, but don't have the time (or patience) to pick out the nut meat?  Take a look at this site for some great tasty ideas for fast and easy hickory hunger help:

Wisconsin Hickory Association