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Hickory Feast!

The 4th annual Hickory Feast is right around the corner! If you're interested in experiencing the multitude of delicious ways Hickory can enhance your table faire, you don't want to miss this annual event! Stay tuned to this website, our Facebook page or email the WHA for specifics on this year's event!

Nut Cracking Workshops:

Wisconsin Hickory Association (WHA) member, Sarah Naparalla, will share techniques for preparing, cracking and picking out hickory nuts in this "hands-on" workshop. She will supply nuts for all as well as crackers & picks to share. If you have your own tools, bring them along. 

  • Additional Workshop Dates to be Announced.

Arbor Day = Free Trees

Attention Wisconsin Teachers of 4th graders!

Did you know that you can register your students to receive a FREE tree through WI DNR?

Register Annually by March 15. 

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