Wisconsin Hickory Association

Hickory Industry  Feasibility Study!

The Wisconsin Hickory Association is very excited to announce the completion of the Hickory Feasibility Study conducted in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. This seminal study will no doubt provided the basis for additional research and development of a new commercial food industry in Wisconsin. We are very excited about bringing this opportunity to our membership and the public. Contact the WHA today to learn more about this fascinating study and it's findings!

Wisconsin Hickory Association &  Around the Farm Table

Back in August 2017  the WHA enjoyed filming a segment of Wisconsin Public TV's popular show Around the Farm Table. Host Inga Witscher and WHA President Mike Starshak visited a grove of Hickory in Green Lake County, WI for filming. The grove is near to a well-know Native American portage and it is speculated that these Hickory were actively propagated by the Natives.

A sneak preview is available at

​​Hickory Cracking Workshops

WHA Vice President Sarah Naparalla has been busy too! She's been visiting area libraries to share her hickory cracking techniques. Over 100 have attended her workshops in Ripon, Montello, Wautoma and Brandon, WI. Participants traded tips and techniques on the most efficient ways to prepare, extract, and preserve the nutmeat from hickory shells.  See the Events page for a workshop near you!

Hickory in the news...

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